London Fashion Week is the UK’s fashion event. The event is held twice a year in February and September and sees some of the major designers from across the globe congregate together to put on a week of events and exhibitions.

Currently held at Somerset House in London, more than 100 designers bring their latest works of art and exhibit them within the house to onlookers and other fashion designers. New trends and fashions are set and fashion newcomers combine with the longstanding greats in one of the highlights on any fashion-conscious person’s calendar.

From jeans to shoes and dresses to accessories, a vast array of styles and forms of clothing can be found as well as patterns, materials and new ideas. The event is one of four fashion exhibitions which are considered the biggest and best across the world. London Fashion Week sits firmly alongside the New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week.

Other London fashion events happen alongside the London Fashion Week as fashion houses monopolise on the publicity and momentum that is generated by the big event.

Due to its popularity there are many requests made to 1st 4 Coaches by groups of people wanting to travel into London to attend the London Fashion Week. Our coaches have been transporting fashion enthusiasts for decades and we see many satisfied customers who thoroughly enjoy the event. We make sure the whole experience is a good one by providing a fantastic coach service.

Many of our customers are very grateful to not have to worry about transport to and from such large events held within the busy and hard-to-navigate capital city.

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