The Ayr Gold Cup is a flat and handicap horse race which is run by both thoroughbred colts and fillies which are three years old or over. The race is run on Ayr Racecourse, based in Scotland and the race sees horse and jockey cover six furlongs in total. It is an annual event and takes place in September each year.

The Ayr Gold Cup has been in existence for more than one hundred years as it first began in 1804. Back then it was a much longer race compared to the present day which is a sprint race rather than a race of endurance. The race now forms the most well paid short distance race in the whole of Europe as the prize money stands at £150,000.

The Gold Cup is arranged by choosing the 27 horses who weigh the most and who have entered the race. The limit of the number of horses that can take part is 27 so horses which don’t qualify for the Gold Cup in terms of weight will be moved to the Ayr Silver Cup.

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